Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino

Whether you’re in it for the stable, focused energy or the rich, earthy flavor, there’s a lot to love about matcha green tea. This versatile green tea is great for so many recipes, including matcha lattes, iced matcha, green colored-treats, and vibrant smoothies.

Matcha green tea powder is beloved in Japan, where ceremonial grade matcha, ground to a fine powder, is used in a meditative tea ceremony. Matcha powder is different from other Japanese green tea, as it contains more chlorophyll—hence the bright green color. 

With matcha, you actually enjoy the full green tea leaves. This means you get the concentrated flavor of green tea, along with many health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

    • Provides an energy boost, without the jitters and crashes
    • Promotes calm and supports a healthy stress response
    • Is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins
    • Contains antioxidants like EGCg

Below, we’ve compiled 13 of our best matcha recipes. You’ll find treats like matcha hot chocolate and matcha mochi candies, along with healthy starts to your day, like a Dalgona matcha latte, or a matcha oat smoothie. 

We hope you enjoy these earthy, sweet, matcha recipes!

  • Matcha Hot Chocolate

Warm up on a cool day with this comforting matcha hot chocolate. It’s our go-to when we’re craving a decadent drink made with antioxidant-rich Sun Goddess Matcha.

The earthy matcha blends beautifully with creamy, unsweetened white chocolate, almond milk, and a touch of raw honey. If you’d like to keep it dairy-free, feel free to sub out the white chocolate for a few tablespoons of rich coconut butter. Either way, you’ll be lured in by this drink’s inviting green color.

matcha hot chocolate

  • Matcha Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

These fun matcha Frankenstein rice krispie treats are a hit with kids, and you don’t have to wait until Halloween to whip them up. Naturally dyed by matcha green tea crystals, these treats boast a green color that you’ll feel confident serving to little ones.

We also love how simple these are to throw together. You’ll only need a handful of ingredients, including butter, mini marshmallows, Sun Goddess Matcha, and rice krispies, of course. 

Matcha Rice Krispies

  • Matcha Mochi Candies

If you love mochi, you might be surprised how easy it is to prepare these matcha mochi candies at home. The key? An airy Japanese flour called mochiko, which is made with glutinous sweet rice. 

Plus, you get the antioxidant boost and irresistibly earthy flavor of matcha green tea. This recipe mixes together mochiko, matcha, almond milk or coconut milk, water, and sweetener. The result is a satisfyingly sweet and stretchy treat.

Matcha Mochi Candies

  • Pineapple Matcha Buns

Pineapple buns are a popular Chinese treat, and these pineapple matcha buns are a total upgrade to the original, thanks to the addition of matcha custard.

Despite the name, pineapple buns don’t actually contain pineapple. Rather, they get their name from the grid-like cookie layer atop the bun. These buns are soft and fluffy, thanks to the use of a floury paste known as tangzhong.

It’s the matcha custard filling that really sets these apart, though. In it, you’ll find a decadent blend of whole milk, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla, and, of course, Sun Goddess Matcha.

Pineapple Matcha Buns

  • Pineapple Matcha Drink

On a warm day, nothing beats this cooling pineapple matcha drink or its vibrant green color. Both pineapple and matcha green tea offer a healthy dose of antioxidants, along with irresistible tropical notes.

This drink is more than refreshing: It’s a genuine, jitter-free pick-me-up. That’s due to the l-theanine found in matcha green tea, an amino acid that fosters calm, focused energy.

Pineapple Matcha Drink

  • Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’re craving a better-for-you treat, these matcha chocolate chip cookies pair the antioxidants of matcha and dark chocolate with a lower glycemic profile.

You’ll enjoy the earthy, rich flavor matcha adds, while dark chocolate complements that earthy flavor beautifully with its bold notes. 

Wondering how you cut sugar in a cookie? Try erythritol, a sweetener that is low in calories and tastes very similar to sugar. It’s often paired with monk fruit, another low glycemic sweetener. 

matcha cookies

  • Dalgona Matcha Latte

The Dalgona drink is trendy for good reason: It’s delicious. If you’d prefer to join this trend sans coffee jitters, try this Dalgona matcha latte.

The Dalgona drink involves whipping instant coffee granules and sugar, then serving the resulting whip over milk. In this recipe, we opt for matcha green tea over coffee, for a velvety drink that delivers stable energy levels all day.

Simply combine a few simple ingredients for the green tea whip, and serve it over almond milk or coconut milk. 

13 Matcha Green Tea Recipes

  • Creamy Matcha Latte

Here’s a daily mainstay for us: a creamy matcha latte. It’s the ultimate green tea latte, and you can’t go wrong with the simple combination of Sun Goddess Matcha, coconut milk, and raw honey.

Yes, that’s all you need to enjoy this stable energy boost, packed with antioxidants and the revitalizing amino acid l-theanine. Simply warm your coconut milk until steaming, and whisk in the Sun Goddess Matcha sachet and raw honey until frothy.

creamy matcha latte

  • Matcha Kiwi Chia Parfait

Start your day with a fiber-rich, antioxidant-packed matcha kiwi chia parfait. This vibrant green parfait tastes like dessert for breakfast, without the guilt. 

Chia seeds in coconut milk plump up into a pudding-like texture, while matcha green tea delivers rich, earthy notes. A hint of agave sweetens the deal. Top it all off with sweet green kiwi, and a homemade coconut-oat granola. 

Matcha Kiwi Chia Parfait

  •  Mint Matcha Chip Shamrock Shake

Drive-thru shamrock shakes are laden with artificial flavors, colors, and excess sugar. Why not enjoy a naturally green mint matcha chip shamrock shake instead? 

Here, matcha green tea delivers a bright green color and rich flavor to this shake, complemented by real spearmint tea crystals. Throw in cacao nibs for a hint of chocolate, and a frozen banana for extra sweet creaminess. Don’t forget the homemade coconut whipped topping!

Mint Matcha Chip Shamrock Shake

  •  Matcha Oat Smoothie

Do you like your smoothies to pack a fiber-rich punch? Our matcha oat smoothie will fuel you for the morning ahead, thanks to the stable energy delivered by matcha green tea.

Plus, you’ll get satiating ingredients like potassium-rich banana, fiber-packed oats, and flax seeds for healthy fats. Add in some almond milk or coconut milk for a velvety mouthfeel.

Matcha Oat Smoothie

  •  Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Ice cream can be so refreshing on a hot day, but if you’re looking for a healthier option, try our matcha green tea ice cream recipe.

In this matcha ice cream, we rely on frozen bananas, pureed to a creamy base. Full-fat coconut milk adds richness, while Sun Goddess Matcha lends its grassy and vibrant notes. If you’d like your ice cream a touch sweeter, add one tablespoon of raw honey. 

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

  •  Matcha Green Smoothie

Matcha pairs so beautifully with fresh fruits and veggies, so it’s no surprise this matcha green smoothie is an excellent meal replacement or hearty snack.

If you’re looking for a big dose of antioxidants, this matcha green smoothie is for you. In it, you’ll find vibrant Sun Goddess Matcha, along with banana, pineapple, kale, and spinach. You’ll also get a healthy dose of vitamin C, which in turn increases the absorption of iron from the kale and spinach. It’s a win-win.

Matcha Green Smoothie

13 Antioxidant-Rich Matcha Recipes
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13 Antioxidant-Rich Matcha Recipes
There’s a lot to love about matcha green tea. This versatile green tea is great for so many matcha recipes!
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