Hydrating Watermelon Pu’er Cooler

This fermented watermelon cooler has a frothy texture and with the natural hydration of both coconut water and watermelon, to replenish on the hottest days! 

Whether it’s an intense workout session or gardening on a summer day, sweating depletes vital electrolytes. Sipping plain old water doesn’t help restore the balance quite like an electrolyte drink will. Instead of reaching for artificially flavored sports drinks, make this homemade watermelon-coconut cooler with the added bonus of fermented tea!

Probiotic Goodness

If you’ve never tried fermented tea, the green tea crystals in this beverage are the perfect place to start. The flavor isn’t vinegar-y like kombucha, making it perfect for sipping on its own or adding to your favorite drinks and smoothies. 

Microbiotica naturally ferments the tea crystals, enriching them with probiotics. Just like other fermented foods and drinks, the probiotics go to work balancing the gut microbiome and supporting healthy digestion. A healthy gut also helps the immune system stay strong. 

Nature’s Electrolytes

Coconut water and watermelon are not only a match made in flavor heaven, but they also contain electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus. Both of these fruits are naturally sweet and sugar, especially the naturally occurring kind, helps the body absorb electrolytes; an essential when you’re in need of rehydration. 

The best part of this recipe is that it requires only 3-ingredients and can be blended in a pinch. Make a big batch to keep in a closed pitcher in the refrigerator to have on hand for hot days and post-workout thirst-quenching!

Hydrating Watermelon Pu’er Cooler

Hydrating Watermelon Pu’er Cooler

Prep Time5 minutes
Servings: 1


  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut water
  • 1 cup cubed seedless watermelon chilled or frozen
  • 1 sachet Pique Fermented Pu’er Green Tea


  • Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and frothy. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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Hydrating Watermelon Pu’er Cooler

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Jenna is a Recipe Developer and Food Photographer. She is the girl behind the healthy recipes of Fresh and Fit,...