The Top 7 Best Teas for Healthy Skin

What are the best teas for skin that glows and refuses to age?

Veteran tea drinkers know about the many health benefits associated with sipping their daily cup of black tea or matcha. But not many people are aware that tea helps with improving skin health too.

That’s why we’re diving into the research behind the best tea for healthy skin in this guide. 

But before we get to those, you should first understand:

Why Teas May Support Healthy Skin

Drinking teas throughout the day will add more water to your diet, which combats dehydration (a major cause of dry skin). 

Beyond the hydrating qualities of tea, there are specific ingredients in tea leaves that are beneficial for skin health, such as:

Polyphenols: These antioxidants support a healthy anti-inflammatory response (1). 

According to one study, polyphenols may help combat excess sebum, or oil production, which leads to clogged pores and acne breakouts (1).

Teas loaded with polyphenols (and flavonoids, a subclass of polyphenols) support gut health to help make sure your skin stays healthy from the inside out (14).

Tannins: This natural plant tissue helps scavenge free radicals that can negatively affect your skin health and overall health (2).

EGCG: This catechin with antioxidant properties also helps to fight against free radical damage. And studies show it can add more moisture to your skin and slow down wrinkle formation (13).

Besides brewing loose leaf tea bags and tea crystals, you can also apply tea topically for glowing skin, as you’ll learn a bit later.

So which teas are the best teas for skin?

The Top 7 Best Teas for Healthy Skin

Science says these teas will help you capture your best selfies yet:

1. White Tea

White tea extract has been studied as an incredible tool to combat oxidative stress, which can cause damage to your skin and overall health.

In one body of research, scientists discovered that white tea extract supports the immunity of skin cells and protects them from harmful sun damage (3).

White tea even aids in building your skin’s resistance to age-related stress (3).

As if that wasn’t enough, another study highlighted that white tea may help lessen the activation of certain enzymes responsible for breaking down collagen and elastin in your skin (4). 

This anti-aging effect may lead to younger-looking skin and less visible wrinkles.

2. Jasmine Tea

Studies have shown that jasmine petals hold natural cleansing agents that boost your skin’s ability to heal itself (5).

One body of research discovered that jasmine tea may provide relief for dry complexions, inflamed skin, oily skin, and beyond (5).

With such a wide-range of skin-healing benefits, jasmine may be the perfect ingredient to add to your homemade skin products (more on this soon!). Here’s our favorite Jasmine Tea:

Pique Jasmine Green Tea

Pique Jasmine Green Tea

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3. Green Tea

Ever notice how many skincare products contain green tea?

It’s no surprise since several studies tout green tea for its antioxidant arsenal . 

With the promise of less puffiness and redness (i.e., less skin inflammation), green tea is ideal for use in skincare products and supports better overall skin health (6).

In studies where green tea was consumed and applied topically, researchers learned it’s also helpful for fending off UV damage when combined with regular sun protection (7)(8).

Scientists in another trial found that green tea assists with decreasing sebum, or oil production. And this perk is even stronger when combined with lotus extract (9).

4. Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea, a type of herbal tea also known as Red Bush tea, supports both skin health and hair health. Talk about a glow-up.

Rooibos is unique because it contains a rare compound known as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which you’ll find in many dermatologist-recommended skin care products. AHA may help with anti-aging wrinkle reduction, according to one study (10).

Rooibos tea also fights in the battle against free radicals that damage skin and lead to premature aging. Here’s the Rooibos Tea we recommend:

Rooibos Tea

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5. Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea, a type of fermented tea, is another excellent yet lesser-known option for glowing, healthy skin.

This could be due to the crazy high levels of catechins found in pu-erh tea, a type of polyphenol that acts as a powerful antioxidant.

6. Chamomile Tea

Tired of waking up with dark circles? You may need to snag more beauty sleep

So brew a cup of relaxing chamomile tea before bed, and you’ll fall asleep faster and create a healthier sleep schedule (15). 

Then break out your jade roller in the morning to reduce their appearance further.

7. Burdock Tea

Burdock tea, another lesser-known tea, is also helpful for supporting your healthy skin goals.

That’s because the burdock root is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, which can support both your immune system and your skin health (11).

One scientific review showed that burdock promotes blood circulation in the skin. This may improve the quality and texture of your skin. It may also aid in the relief of skin conditions like eczema (11).

3 Unique DIY Ideas for Homemade Skincare

In addition to sipping those seven teas for better skin health, science says applying them topically also results in must-have beauty benefits.

Plus, making your own natural skin care products at home using tea means you won’t ever have to worry about harmful, harsh chemicals on your delicate skin.

Here are our three favorite ways to DIY:

1. Add Green Tea or White Tea to Your Favorite Sunscreen

One study mentioned earlier that green tea and white tea extracts are beneficial for minimizing sunburns when used in conjunction with sunscreen (8).

This means you could spray green or white tea topically over your sunscreen lotion to give yourself an added boost of sun protection.

To do this, simply add green tea crystals to a spray bottle of purified water and shake it up to mix. Then, spritz all over your face after you’ve applied your regular sunscreen.

And that’s not the only way to use green tea:

2. Use Green Tea As a Topical Spray Toner

Green tea works well as a moisturizing toner and refreshing facial spray you can apply anytime day or night.

Just add your green tea crystals to a spray bottle of purified water and shake to mix.

One study found that when green tea was used cosmetically, it brought about smoother skin and had a moisturizing effect on dry skin (12).

Use your green tea spray anytime your skin feels a bit tight or dry, and your face will love the quick pick-me-up.

3. Use Tea Crystals to Form a Mask or Face Scrub

Instead of spending a fortune on face masks and pricey facial scrubs, you can use any of our best teas for healthy skin to make your own.

To make a face mask: Mix your tea crystals with a touch of raw, unpasteurized honey and olive oil. Apply to your face and leave on for about 15 minutes. When time’s up, simply wipe it off with warm water and a clean towel.

To make a facial scrub: Mix your tea crystals with a bit of raw, unpasteurized honey, olive oil, and coarse sugar. The more sugar you add, the more exfoliation you’ll have. Scrub it all off, and you’ll slough away dirt, dead skin cells, and more.

Keep in mind, if your skin is irritated and red already, a softer mask without sugar may be a better option for you.

Take Advantage of the Best Teas for Healthy Skin Today

You now know all the research behind drinking tea for better skin health and using them topically. 

So now your next step is to choose your favorite tea to sip on while you whip up a homemade tea mask, scrub, or spray. You’ll create a luxurious spa experience at home using only natural ingredients.

And don’t forget to add an extra layer of sun protection this summer by misting on green or white tea after applying your sunscreen!

No matter which way you choose to enjoy these best teas for healthy skin, your body and skin will thank you.

And you may just be rewarded with glowing skin that’s never looked better (without having to buy expensive skin care products packed with chemicals).

The Top 6 Best Teas for Healthy Skin
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The Top 6 Best Teas for Healthy Skin
What are the best teas for skin that glows and refuses to age? We’re diving into the research behind the best tea for healthy skin in this guide.
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Devan is a tea-obsessed health writer and former NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who’s currently relishing the process...