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How to do a 3-Day Sugar Detox to Reset Your Mind and Body

A high-sugar diet could be the culprit behind your health issues. Why not try a sugar detox to improve your health? Let this be your guide.

How to Protect Your Gut Health While Taking Antibiotics

Though antibiotics are prescribed to treat bacterial infections, many people are unaware of the harmful impact they can sometimes...

The 9 Best Teas for Digestion (Boost Your Gut Health)

If you’re often plagued by digestive issues like constipation or upset stomach, you may be relying too heavily on...

Supporting a Healthy Digestive System with TCM

In both eastern and western medicine, a healthy digestive system is recognized as a critical component of overall health....

25 High Fiber Foods You Should Eat

Are high-fiber foods going to be the new protein bars? Many are predicting an impending fiber takeover of the nutrition...

The Cost of Sweet: How Sugar Harms Your Body and Mind

Sugar is a type of simple carbohydrate that occurs naturally in many foods--from sweet potatoes to fruit, and even...

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